Libertas is freedom to move across land and sea.

A small, highly skilled crew constitutes a vessel or craft that projects and navigates musical cinematic spaces. As an imaginary cultural topography formation, they are a musical journey thr9ough imaginary landscapes that leaves an exact musical imprint of a certain elusive cinematic feel. It's a virtual journey of connecting lines, points, and vectors on the screen that expands into a full on musical landscape out there, in the spaces of the ear. Figuratively, a journey of multiple pieces of octopus spontaneously assembling themselves into an organism. organically an assembly of forces and talents. A journey that proceeds by the logic of the archipelago, from skilful manipulation of multiple elements into a synthetic wholeness and oneness.

Strings of islands and pathways trace a musical movement and flow through the crafty assemblage of sonorous cinematic blocs. The logic has to do with a sonic kinesis, at once ambient, melodic. And it's not all islands and water; there are stories scripted in the vastness of the steppes and imprinted in the mountainous arid landscapes, the deserts and rainforests. forever descending into a ragged coastline of sunlit musical magic. Glistening at the surface of the moment, from moment to moment with every breath.

At any point, at the core lie intricate melodic lines as points of departures which are given a depth and are expanded vertically into unified imaginary musical landscapes. As stories they are a cinematic travelogue; at the level of musical arrangement, they are an application of diverse cultural musical palates that coalesce into events; as ambient and mood they are an open hearted outside that fuses a new age electronica, film music, and the eclectic opening of the world music, if not with a smidgen of just about anything else in between.

This is not only music but animated musical constructionism that embodies a dance of cinematic possibilities as a perfect symbiont for a visual representation.